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Holiday Guide: The 15 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers in 2023

Pour a glass and light a fire. These wine-lover-approved gifts are sure to get the holidays in full swing – and slight slur.

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By Author: William Smith

November 01, 2023

Infographic with photos of 15 best gifts for wine lovers


Everyone could use another bottle, or can, but it’s a big wine world out there. There are troves of tasteful, silly, and practical gifts any weekend sipper or Bordeaux aficionado can enjoy. Here are our favorites – browse away.

Here’s your go-to gift guide for the 2023 holidays:

1. For the bottle saver

Coravin Pivot + Wine Preservation System $149. If James Bond were a wine guy, he’d keep this Coravin in his tuxedo pocket. It preserves opened bottles by filling them with argon gas to prevent oxidation from cramping your style (turning your wine into vinegar). This model also comes with a little wine shower head that aerates as you pour. It looks a bit funny, but all that air gets the flavor directly to your taste buds.

Pouring wine via a Coravin Pivot wine preservation device

2. For the can-curious

Maker Advent Calendar –$139. Maker’s 12 Days of Canned Wine is an excellent way to schedule excitement and seriously nice wine into the holiday season. Slip this into your cart before they sell out and sip your way through award-winning red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines from award-winning small producers.

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A shot of the advent calendar packaging, showing the 12 days that hold the cans of wine and a label on the box that reads "12 Days of Canned Wine" with the Maker Wine logo.
An overhead shot of the advent calendar packaging, with two holes torn open revealing cans of wine, as well as another two cans laying next to the packaging.

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12 Days of Canned Wine Advent Calendar

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3. For the low-key style icon

Uashmama Wine Bag & Cooler – $44. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably left your brown bag days behind. College was fun, but now you're ready for something a whole lot classier. Meet the Uashmama Wine Bag. With a built-in cooler and colors ranging from “Blush” to “Forest”, this bag will keep your wine the perfect temp and say to the world, “Yes. I am, in fact, an adult.”

Wine bottle in a tan colored back with leather handle

4. For the backyard sipper

Collapsible Outdoor Wine & Beer Table  – $66. It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping red, white, or rosé – drinking outside almost counts as exercising. Just don’t tell that to your Apple Watch. Take some garden time or plan a rendezvous at your local stretch of coast. With this go-anywhere table, you can golden hour like you mean it. Get it personalized with a special engraving.

Table with cut outs for a wine bottle and glasses, secured in the grass

5. For the one with a sense of humor

UGG® Wine Bottle Holder$10 (on sale!). The year is 2004, you take out your Motorola Razr and text your bestie about the new Britney album. You are wearing Ugg boots. You are an icon. Re-live the glory days with a retro Ugg Wine Bottle Holder, and let the people know you can make anything look *fetch.*

Two wine bottles in sweater-like bottle holders

6. For the aspiring flapper

Lysenn Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 4 – $34. Welcome back to the roaring ’20s. You’ve just survived a pandemic, everyone’s popping bottles, and the government is taking away your fundamental rights. Might as well go Art Deco with this seriously West Egg glassware and keep filling them up until you forget about the looming recession. When you’re done drinking, leave these beauties on your bar to give your space a perfect touch of old-school cool.

Four glasses with gold rims

7. For the one who doesn’t drink on an empty stomach

Terza Cheese & Charcuterie Board – $140. Why yes, I would like some cheese with my wine. Send a mountain of fine cheeses and charcuterie anywhere with the confidence that it will arrive as fresh as if prepared at your local cheesery. Lactaid not included but, let’s be honest, it’s already in your medicine cabinet.

Terza Cheese snack board with hands reaching for food

8. For the bookworm

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition + Online Course – $60. Drinking is more fun than reading. But have you ever tried reading about drinking? This illustrated guide will help you pick up every subtle note of the $12 Cab you got from Trader Joe’s. Don’t be fooled by its approachability, this James Beard winner brings the goods for both novices and seasoned sippers. Comes with Wine Folly's Wine 101 Online Course.

Photo of black book with Wine Folly written across the center

9. For the charcuterie artuer

Gilded Agate Cheese Board – $78. Excellent charcuterie deserves an excellent canvas. These gilded slabs of agate stone are so gorgeous it’s almost a shame to cover them in meat. . . almost. Available in shades from royal blue to pale amethyst, you’ll have no trouble finding a board to match any kitchen color scheme.

Blue cheese board with gold edging

10. For the one who doesn’t need another bottle

Vintage Blacksmith Wall Wine Rack – $99. Some people (not me) already have the perfect wine collection. But if you’re not in the market for another bottle, you can always get the next best thing – a way to show 'em off. This forged metal wall rack with a distressed black powder coated finish is a looker and will tell your guests that you’re a baller without saying a word.

Wine bottle rack fixed to a wall with eight wine bottles and wine glasses

11. For the fragrance purist

Uncorked Wine Candles – $24. Before five o’clock? Have no fear. You can train your nose on off-hours with these up-cycled wine candles. From Champagne to Cabernet, each candle will remind you of your favorite varietals, just don’t expect it to be a substitute for the real thing.

Six candles made from wine bottles

12. For the one who reads AD

Pretti.Cool Wine Bottle Coaster – $65. This puffy stone coaster looks like it was pulled straight from the pages of a design magazine. You may be thinking, “That’s a lot of change to spend on a coaster” and you may be right. On the other hand, look at it! Will it make Barefoot taste like Veuve? Probably not, but worth a try.

Pretti.Cool coasters in different colors with wine bottle

13. For the somm about town

City Travel Wine Tote (6 Piece Set) $120. Take the bar with you. Two glasses, a corkscrew, and a picnic table are packed up cozy inside with space for two whole bottles. With this tote at your hip, you’ll be ready in the face of any wine emergencies and never again suffer through a dry picnic.

Travel tote holding two wine bottles and other picnic tools

14. For the one who doesn’t do twist-offs

Coutale Sommelier Prestige Corkscrew – $50. There’s something beautiful about a well-built tool. The reassuring sense of weight, the natural materials, and the assurance that while it may only do one thing, it does it very, very well. This professional-grade corkscrew may be haunted by the spirit of a 19th-century French restaurateur, but he’s a friendly spirit, and he can’t wait for you to open that 2012 Bordeaux.

Image of wine opener in a wooden case

15. For the bougie snacker

Wonder Valley Olive Oil – $36. This millennial chic bottle packs some seriously potent goods. This olive oil is so good, you’re not even allowed to cook with it. This is bougie olive oil, and it must only be drizzled. Use it as a finish over farmers’ market veggies or a slice of freshly baked bread, pair it with your preferred glass, and prepare to ascend Mount Olympus.

Bottle of olive oil on a white fabric backdrop

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