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Wine Guide: 10 Black Owned Wineries We Love

We’re celebrating Black winemakers across our home state by giving you the low-down on 10 Black-owned wineries you just can’t miss.

A headshot of Logan Davis, a blog author.

By Logan Davis

February 03, 2024

Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines


Did you know that out of the 11,000+ wineries in the U.S., less than 1% are Black-owned wineries? The statistic reveals a sad truth about an industry we love; the wine world lacks inclusivity and it’s time we start to sip with purpose. 

We’ve mapped out a guide for you to 10 exemplary wineries that are owned and operated by Black identifying winemakers in California. Support these Black-owned wineries in 2024 by ordering a few bottles or planning a visit and celebrate Black winemakers in a meaningful way.

1. Theopolis Vineyard

Theodora R. Lee – otherwise known as Theo-patra, Queen of the Vineyards, is the award  winning Black winemaker behind Theopolis Vineyard. She’s a bold Anderson Valley vintner by way of a San Francisco courthouse; Theodora used to be a trial lawyer, then "decided she needed a drink." She’s been selling wine since 2014 and was named a 2020 Wine Industry Leader by

Theopolis is known for its Petite Sirah and Rosé of Petite Sirah (which we can’t get enough of). Drive amongst the gorgeous Mendocino Coast and find yourself at one of their events, or pick up a bottle at their tasting room. We guarantee you’ll come back for more. 

Theopolis Founder Theodoro R. Lee

Theodora R. Lee, founder of Theopolis Vineyard

2. Bodkin Wines

The man, the myth, the legend: Chris Christensen. Chris is a proud 4th generation Iowan who went coastal for college, and stayed out west to become a self-taught, envelope-pushing vintner. He burst onto the wine scene in 2011 with Bodkin wines, where he’s known for being the first American to make a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc — and now it’s in a can and racking up the accolades including Double Gold at 2023 SF Chronicle Wine Competition, Gold at the 2023 International Canned Wine Competition, and Gold at the 2023 Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge.

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Chris is one of our partners at Maker, and working with him is easily one of the highlights of the job. Try each of his Maker wines – Sparkling Rosé (with 6 Gold medals of it's own) and Sparkling Sauv Blanc – and support Chris by buying full bottles direct from Bodkin Wines, a Black-owned winery with a special place in our hearts.

Chris Christensen holding a Maker Bodkin Bundle

Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines, with his favorite canned wines in tow

3. Corner 103

Lloyd Davis is the founder of Corner 103, Sonoma’s first and only Black-owned winery. Located in the heart of Sonoma Square, his tasting room is a must visit, and was actually voted the #1 Best Tasting Room by USA Today!

His mission is to make wine less intimidating to encourage people to feel more comfortable learning about it, and create approachable, award-winning, food-friendly wines. I mean, could their values be more aligned with ours? Book a visit at his tasting room in Sonoma Square to experience an unforgettable food and wine pairing or order a few of his amazing Dry Creek Zinfandels online.

Corner 103

Lloyd Davis of Corner 103 in Sonoma

4. Longevity Wines

For Phil Long, wine started as a hobby that slowly took over his garage. After years of honing his craft in his spare time, he and his wife — both Southern California natives — moved to Livermore Valley to start Longevity wines. That was in 2008, and today Longevity is the third largest wine brand in the valley, and it was named the 2019 Winery of the Year in Livermore Valley. 

Long serves as the president of the African-American Vintners Association and has recently opened tasting rooms throughout the United States including in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. The tasting room in Livermore is fun, homey, and less than an hour outside San Fransisco – SF friends, but this Black-owned winery on your must try list.

Phil Long of Longevity Wines

Phil Long of Longevity Wines

5. L’Objet Wines

Healdsburg-based L’Objet Wines is the craft of winemaker Danny Glover. Wine was his second art; Danny wrote and produced music in L.A. prior to winemaking. Since then, he’s spent years perfecting the art of Pinot Noir – his muse.

He’s a fan of minimal intervention, fine fruit, and being out in the vineyard as much as possible. He doesn’t have a tasting room, but you can (and absolutely should) support his Black-owned winery by ordering his Pinot online.

Dan Glover of L'objet wines

Danny Glover of L'Object Wines, circa 1970s

6. J Moss Winery

If you want a classic, premium, savor-every-last-drip-of-the-bottle Napa Cabernet, look no further than J Moss Winery. The family owned and operated winery dates back to 2001, when James Moss and his wife, Janet — who has a winemaking degree — finally moved from Texas to Napa after falling for it on various weekend getaways. 

It’s wise to make a reservation when visiting this Black-owned Napa winery, as it’s earned a cult following for their incredible reds. You can also order their wines online. 

J Moss Wines

James Moss and his family — the crew behind J Moss Wines

7. Brown Estate

Brown Estate is the first Black-owned winery in Napa Valley, and is known far and wide for its drool inducing Zinfandel. Owned by 3 siblings, the Brown family got their start in the 1980s when their parents bought a deserted ranch in Napa and planted a few vines. 15 years later, the kids turned it into Brown by making their very first bottle of Zinfandel. 

Brown is recognized — for its story and world class wines — throughout California. It’s not one to miss. 

Brown Estate

Siblings Deneen, Coral and David Brown from Brown Estate

8. Alexis George Winery

George Brown has a heart of gold and a knack for wine. He founded Alexis George Winery, based in Lodi, in 2013 and named it after his beloved children Alexis and George. What’s more: he uses sustainable farming practices and donates a portion of every wine bottle purchase to student scholarships in underserved communities. Delicious wine, admirable mission, Black-owned — this winery is worth raising a glass to. 

George-Brown of Alexis George

George Brown of Alexis George Winery

9. P. Harrell Wines

Paula J. Harrell is a San Francisco native who first fell for wine while studying in Madrid for a semester during college. While she pursued other admirable careers afterwards — like women's and youth advocacy, and eventually gaining an MBA from SF State — wine was her true love. Eventually, she dedicated herself to it full time and started P. Harrell Wines, her own private wine label based in Napa. 

To honor her upbringing, she names bottles after houses of family members in SF — like her Haight Street Dry Riesling, which one a Gold Medal in the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition.

Paula Harrell of P. Harrell Wines

Paula Harrell of P. Harrell Wines

10. Indigené Cellars

Located in the upper Carmel Valley near Paso Robles, Indigené Cellars is a family owned and operated winery founded by Oakland native Raymond Smith. After working as a grocery store clerk and eventually owning a small fleet of mobile wine bottling lines, he tapped his industry connections and started his own winery.

His product is phenomenal, and his story is a rare one in wine — Smith did it all on his own, from the very beginning. Shop Smith's Pinot Noir, Moscato, Grenache Blanc, Syrah, Italian Blends, and many more.

Raymond Smith of Indigené Cellars

Raymond Smith of Indigené Cellars

If you're looking for a Black-owned winery near you in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, North Coast, or beyond, check out our list above. And, if you gave favorite Black-owned wineries we should add to our list, drop us a line on Instagram.

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Note: Updated February 2024

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