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Sarah, Zoe, and Kendra holding cans and glasses of wine.

Hi there,

We’re the ladies of Maker, here to serve up award-winning wine for discerning palates and the good of human kind.

Alcohol laws dating back to prohibition make it difficult for small wineries to get their wines to people like you — we’re here to change that. Now you can enjoy award-winning wine from small producers — shipped directly to you in svelte, sexy, single-serving cans.

We started Maker to offer premium wine sans the snobbery. To highlight interesting varietals crafted by award-winning small producers. To tell the story of the producer that hand crafted your wine. And to package up “wine for one” in earth-conscious cans. Because we believe high-end wine isn’t just for the wealthy, distribution shouldn’t just be for the big guys, and great stories—like great wines—are meant to be shared.

Sarah, Kendra, and Zoe
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High-end wine slipped into something more comfortable.

Here’s more about what drives our wine.

Alice Sutro with Cabernet Sauvignon can and bottle

Premium, bottle-quality

These are high quality wines found in the bottles of the best small producers. Maker wines are vintage, varietal, and often vineyard specific: terroir-driven wines that the winemaker is proud to put their name on.

Chris Christensen and Maker co-founder Sarah on canning day

Diverse makers

We partner with diverse, small-batch makers to elevate their underrepresented voices and premium wines.

Kendra and Alice Sutro looking over Alice's vineyards

Unique varietals and regions

We love finding lesser-known regions and grapes that geeky wine people adore, but that your average rosé sipper may not know.

Nichole Walsh of Ser Winery in the field

Zero Sugar, Low Carb

We prioritize wine producers that use organic and sustainable farming practices. Our wines are fermented to dry, with no residual sugar and under five carbs per serving.

Sarah and Kendra pouring wine

Loved by us, vetted by experts

We receive hundreds of samples for Maker. Our wines have to pass our Can Club panel and industry expert panel to make it into a Maker can.

Serious Can Appeal

Our cans are better for the wine, better for the world, and better for you.

Better for the wine

No light exposure, no oxidation, and no corked wines. These cans made specifically for wine don’t impact the taste.

Better for the world

100% recyclable, cork-free cans have a smaller carbon footprint than bottles and need less protective packaging to ship.

Better for you

We took the perfect pour and canned it. A single-serving, park-ready, picnic-ready beverage you can enjoy anytime.

Meet the Dream Team

Introducing the crew makin’ it happen at Maker.

Kendra Kawala, co-founder of Maker Wine with a glass of white wine.

Kendra Kawala

Co-founder, The People

Kendra is the people person - from finding the very best winemakers in the world to selecting the best partners to carry Maker IRL. She’s a relentless, wine energizer bunny who somehow does it all. Before Maker, Kendra fought for the underdogs of a different field through her work in healthcare. A Chicago native, Kendra recently put roots in Marin County, where she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors (cans in tow).

Favorite Maker wine:

Zoe Victor, Co-founder at Maker holding a glass of wine.

Zoe Victor

Co-founder, The Wine

Zoe works with our winemakers to get these glorious wines into cans and dreams up where they’re going next - from nailing fulfillment to planning our expansion. Is it something crazy complicated that no one else can figure out? Yeah, Zoe’s got this. She spent her career in Biz Ops within the healthcare industry - she's always wanted to have a positive impact. Now she CAN by supporting small producers.

Favorite Maker wine:

Sarah Hoffman, Co-founder of Maker Wine sipping on the Maker Pinot Noir.

Sarah Hoffman

Co-founder, The Words

Sarah is the storyteller, the dreamer, the ideas gal that brings these wines and stories to life online. You’ll find her writing snarky headlines or thinking of ways to make our Can Clubbers smile. If you text the Wine Line, chances are it’s Sarah on the other end. She’s always been a little obsessed with supporting small producers - from leading Food and Bev marketing at Eventbrite to hosting underground supper club dinners in San Francisco.

Favorite Maker wine:

Chris Christensen pouring Maker + Bodkin Sparkling Rose Wine.

Chris Christensen

The Can Coach

In addition to crafting our sparkling wines, Chris Christensen (recently named one of Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40) has many can projects under his belt, and consults with our winemakers new to the format to ensure quality and consistency.

Favorite Maker wine:

Headshot of Gus Childs, Lead Engineer with a Maker can.

Gus Childs

Engineering Lead

Gus leads all things engineering at Maker. The website is his baby, but he also finds ways to help everyone else up their game. And while he'll admit to knowing the least about wine, he's grown to love it nonetheless. Gus comes to Maker having built plenty of huge websites for household names. He calls St. Louis home and when he's not buried in code, he enjoys fresh air, music, and books.

Favorite Maker wine:

Katrice Riley, our customer experience lead at Maker Wine Company.

Katrice Riley

Customer Experience

Katrice leads Customer Experience at Maker, helping to make sure our Can Clubbers are happy and feel supported. After pursuing her childhood dream of attending culinary school in New York, Katrice moved back to the Bay and landed her first job at a Michelin star restaurant - and so her love of wine began. Since her culinary days, she's built and led Customer Experience teams big and small and even started her own baking biz. You can find her trying new restaurants in San Francisco with her fiancé or golfing with girlfriends.

Favorite Maker wine:

Yanique Deal, Resident Sommelier at Maker

Yanique Deal

Wine Educator and Sommelier

Yanique is a Wine Educator and a resident Sommelier at Maker. She is a Nashville girl who is now soaking up the sunshine of South Florida. Yanique has an Enology background and is a certified Sommelier with the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers (AIS). She completed her studies in Umbria located in central Italy and loves sharing the beauty of wine and food pairing! Yanique combines a smile, southern hospitality, and her expertise to make wine approachable and is thrilled to share Maker wines with you!

Favorite Maker wine:

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