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Holiday Guide: The 20 Best Gifts For Winos in 2020

Joy to the world, your wino gift guide is here! Pour some wine, throw on the Michael Bublé Christmas album, and get shopping.

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By Logan Davis

November 14, 2020

Maker canned wine for the holidays


Wine goes hand in hand with the holiday season. And this year more than most, we all need a drink. Here’s a holiday gift guide to the best gifts for every kind of wine lover in your life, from silly stocking stuffers to classy glassware. 

For the wine newbie

The Essential Scratch & Sniff Wine Book [$14.31]

Scratch and sniff wine book

We’re not surprised this one was a NYT bestseller

This is required reading for any book club we’re in. Bring back the pure delight of children’s books while learning about all the aromas and flavors of classic wine varietals. It’s a great coffee table book and a killer conversation starter. 

For the sommelier wannabe

Sagaform Wine Carafe With Oak Stopper [$29.95]

Wine carafe

A classy carafe for your favorite Maker white

Your pinky up friend, or really anyone who enjoys making an event out of a bottle, will love the sleek design of this carafe that helps the wine aerate.There’s a great version for red drinkers, too. 

For the feminist foodie

Cabernet and Equal Pay Crewneck Sweatshirt [$45.00]

Cabernet and equal pay

Photo: Overseasoned

For those who want to sip wine and smash the patriarchy, Overseasoned is a "collection of bold goods that flavor the resistance." We love this "Cabernet and Equal Pay" sweatshirt for the wino and there's a "Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy" for the feminist foodie in your life.

For the classy gent

Natural Cork Bow Tie [$28.00]

Wine cork bowtie

The best example we’ve seen of upcycling

This is the perfect pick for that friend who always dresses the part for the holiday party – and it’s a great accessory for warm weather events, too. Wine guys love this, and the rustic feel makes it creative and cool while still remaining understated. 

For the hip host

Monogram Wood Wine Trough [$119.00]

Wine trough holiday 2020 gift

Photo by Nordstrom.

This beautiful wood trough makes it a treat to chill your wine or champagne. Get your friend’s initials engraved to personalize it – any hostess with the mostess will love the opportunity to flaunt it at their next gathering. 

For the outdoor enthusiast

Brumate Insulated Wine Bottle & Tumblers [$59.99]

INsulated wine tumbler

We'd go on a hike with these.

Whether you’re headed out on a road trip, camping in the redwoods for a weekend, or backpacking (yes, we bring wine on our backpacking trips) this is the setup you need. The insulated bottle and tumblers keep wine chilled for hours, and is much better suited for wine than your nalgene. Here’s a less expensive option that we absolutely love, too. 

For the friend that puts ice cubes in their wine

Corkcicle Wine Chiller [$24.95]

Corkcicle wine chiller

This > watery wine

This wine chilling stick keeps your white wine at the perfect temperature without diluting it. It also works in a snap, so you don’t have to turn to the freezer to help you out in a pinch. We like to put it in our bottles between pours. 

For the one you’ll be quarantined with all winter

Wine Aroma - Master Kit [this thing is a whopping $449.99, but we couldn’t help but share it]

Wine tasting master kit

Those mini bottles are almost as cute as cans...

Alt: Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Game [$49.99]

This is much better than a puzzle. With a long winter ahead of us, activities to pass the time are critical. If they involve wine, we’re even more excited. Here are two options – one definitely more ridiculous than the other – both guaranteed to provide fun nights and will teach you a thing or two about wine along the way

For the partier

Maker virtual wine tasting, [Prices range depending on group size]

A snapshot of a Zoom wine tasting event with Maker

We promise you’ll have a great time.

This time of year is the highlight for many; holiday parties, friendsgivings, santa-con (hopefully not). For your friend who’s missing the in-person party scene a little extra, book a virtual wine tasting with us! We’ll send canned wine 6-packs to everyone’s door, pretend we’re at a vineyard somewhere fabulous, and drink and be merry. *Almost* as good as the real thing. 

For the crafty type

Wine Storage Rack with Cork Holder & Chalkboard [$19.98]

Wine storage rack

Cheers indeed!

Your friend who is still addicted to Pinterest will love this: A wine rack that stores corks for their next art project, and a chalkboard to write little notes or wine drawings. I got this for my mom last year and she’s now known to write “Wine time 🍷” on the chalkboard every Friday at 5pm like clock work. 

For the one who loves to picnic

Picnic Basket Backpack With Cutlery & Wine Holder [$69.67]

Wine picnic backpack

Cute AND functional.

Alt: Felt Wine Carrier [$69.00]

This picnic backpack is by far my best purchase in 2020. I would wear it everywhere if it was appropriate, as I’ve found that I’m the most popular person wherever I go with this thing. Unzip it at the park or beach and you’re suddenly transported to a picnic in Paris – it’s just that cute. The felt wine carrier is a chic alternative. 

For the cook

Wine Mulling Spice Set [$27.00]

Mulled wine spices

These wouldn't last long with the Maker gals.

What’s better than cooking out of a brand new, highly rated cookbook while sipping some perfectly spiced mulled wine? We’re at a loss, too. This gift is guaranteed to inspire any new or seasoned chef in your life to get in the holiday – and drinking – spirit.

For the charcuterie aficionado

Red Wine Lover’s Cheese Gift Box [$95.00]

Red wine cheese lovers charcuterie set

Charcuterie goals.

Give the gift of cheese. This gift box includes 3 top-notch cheeses, crackers, chocolate, and olives, and will pair perfectly with any red wine you have. The assortment is drool-worthy. 

For the one who misses vacation the most

Williams Sonoma Sangria Mix [$16.95]

Sangria kit

A year round staple, in our eyes.

Recreate a girls trip with a bottle (or 3 – one of each delicious flavor) of Sangria. You can make a whole night out of this one, complete with tapas and flamenco outfits. 

For the can-curious

Maker Holiday Mix-Pack [$62.00]

Maker holiday shoot

All we want for Christmas is (Maker) wine.

A 6-pack of our holiday wines is sure to bring a smile to any wine lover's face. This year we'll be featuring our 2017 Alexander Valley Cab by Alice Sutro to help you cozy up for the winter, and our 2019 Lake County Sparkling Sauv Blanc by Chris Christensen for some bubbles to ring in the new year.

Last but not least, our tried & true stocking stuffers:

Silicone Wine Glass Holder [$14.99]

Sipski shower wine holder, the Maker holiday gift guide

Courtesy of World Market.

We had this on last year’s guide too, and we’re still huge fans despite how absurd this thing is. We’ll never judge someone with a great setup for wine in the bath. 

Fred COQ Au Vin Wine Stopper [$12.00]

Chicken wine stopper

This is guaranteed to win the gift exchange.

I ordered one of these for every single one of my friends. We love that it makes the whole wine thing just a little less serious.

Blue Q Wine Socks [$10.99]

Blue q wine socks

We couldn’t agree more.

Socks that read “my favorite salad is wine” is a personal brand bound to fit someone in your life. 

Chateau Red Wine Stain Remover [$8.00]

Red wine stain remover

The original Tide To Go.

We’ve all been there. This is practically a household staple. 

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