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AMA with Maker Wine CEO

Maker Wine CEO and co-founder, Sarah Hoffman, answers Can Fam questions during a happy hour on the Wine Line.

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By Maker Wine

December 21, 2023

Image of Maker Wine Founder Sarah Hoffman


Maker Wine CEO and co-founder, Sarah Hoffman, recently hopped on the Wine Line for an AMA with the Can Fam. Nothing was off-limits as she answered questions about her favorite wines, what’s to come in 2024, and why you might see some “floaters” when you pour your cans out.

Let’s get right into it.

Can Fam: What’s your favorite wine in the Maker lineup?

Sarah Hoffman: Oh, right now I'd say I have Carbonic Red (our Sangiovese) and Ser Winery’s still Rosé on repeat!! But this tends to change every season we bring on new wines.

CF: What’s your favorite white wine?

SH: This year it was Verdelho, followed by our Handley Chardonnay! Next year we are doing a cool white blend that is tasting amazing.

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CF: Orange Vermentino... is that supposed to be cold or room temp?

SH: I would treat it like a white wine – so take it out of the fridge about 10 minutes before drinking. 🧡

CF: I opened a can tonight from my 12 Days of Canned Wine Advent Calendar and it had a floater. Is that common? I know floaters can happen when uncorking wine bottles.

SH: I believe you are referring to ‘tartrate crystals' or 'wine diamonds,’ which are a normal part of wine, especially minimal-intervention wines like those from the small producers we work with. This piece from Decanter does a nice job explaining it. It’s more typical in whites that are stored at a low temp. 🥂

CF: Well, I love big reds. Do you have any in the works? Syrah perhaps? I also enjoyed the Merlot which I have not seen in awhile.

SH: Great question! The vineyard our Merlot was sourced from was unfortunately replanted, but our Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend from Gilbert Cellars is one of my faves right now. Next year we are going to bring back new vintages of that Cab plus our bold Zinfandel, Cabernet Pfeffer, and Pinot Noir – plus, we’re adding a Sparkling Cinsualt.

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CF: Any new Pinot Noir coming up?

SH: We are canning the next vintage of the Handley Pinot Noir in a few months, but we are also actively on the hunt for an Oregon Pinot since we are just starting to enter retail there. 🥂

CF: Any exciting new varietals or blends coming in 2024?

SH: YES, SO MANY. We're releasing 15 wines next year. A couple of new ones I'm excited about: A Sparkling Cinsault (red grape) and two white blends – one of Spanish varietals and another is a blend of Clairette Blanch, Picpoul, and Vermentino.

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