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Maker Can and Glass 2022 Verdelho
Maker Can and Glass 2022 Verdelho
Six cans of 2022 Verdelho wine.

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Wander-Must Wine, Lodi, CA

A fresh white with the structure and depth of a red, it’s a true expression of the traditionally low-alcohol, fruit-forward Portuguese grape. It just earned a well-deserved 96 pts. (Double Gold) at the 2023 Sunset International Wine Competition.

Dry white wine, 100% Verdelho, 13% ABV, vegan-friendly, zero grams of sugar.

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  • Rare Grape
  • Female Winemaker
  • Single Vineyard
  • Sustainably-Farmed
Wander-Must Verdelho Can and Glass

Meet the wine

Aromatic and nostalgic, bright but structured, winemaker Gianna says this wine is a true expression of the Portuguese grape: “it reminds me of Portuguese Fado music; it gives a nostalgic, fleeting feeling.”

Verdelho is a rare Portuguese grape that few winemakers work with; there are only 300 acres of it planted in all of California. This particular Verdelho comes from family-owned and sustainably-farmed Vierra Familia Estate in Lodi, where fertile soil and Delta winds create a ripe and balanced fruit.

Dry white wine - 117 calories, 3.6 carbs per 5 oz. serving.

2022 Vintage, Vierra Familia Estate, Lodi.

Gianna Fugazi of Wander-Must Wine holding a can and bottle of Verdelho.

Meet the maker

Gianna Fugazi is a wanderer at heart. Having studied archeology as well as wine-making, it’s her love of history, culture, and the world at-large that brings her to wine. To Gianna, wine is meant to be an ever-evolving experiment and a way for people to connect. She treats her winery, Wander-Must, as a kitchen of sorts: a gathering place of play and indulgence for travelers from all over.

Catch her working with rare grapes, like Souzao and Verdelho, from all over the globe. She’s not afraid to take a risk, and it’s paid off: her Verdelho is a gold medal winner, and her wines often are the only domestically produced ones on international wine lists at fine dining restaurants. But what she cares about most? Bringing people together through wine and food experiences that she hosts for her fellow wanderers.

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