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can of maker carbonic sangiovese with glass of red wine
can of maker carbonic sangiovese with glass of red wine
6 pack of maker carbonic sangiovese
6 pack of carbonic sangiovese wine with image of  Terah Bajjalieh

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Carbonic Sangiovese

Terah Wine Co. Lodi AVA, CA

Juicy strawberry, cherry, and rustic notes round out our first natural carbonic red. It’s 100% Sangiovese, the Beaujolais way, from Terah Wine Co.

100% Sangiovese, 2022 Vintage, 14% ABV, Lodi AVA

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  • Natural Wine
  • LGBTQ+ Winemaker
  • Female Winemaker
  • Biodynamic Farming
Carbonic Sangiovese overhead photo with cans and glass

Meet the wine

Our new natural red is carbonic wine to a tee: unfiltered and super aromatic with a slight haze.

Sourced from biodynamically farmed Italian grapes grown in cool-climate Lodi, California, this Sangiovese is romantically rustic and packed with bright strawberry and juicy cherry flavors. It’s made using carbonic maceration, which means it’s starved of oxygen in a carbon dioxide-rich environment—forcing fermentation to happen inside of each grape. The result: a layered, light, berry-forward wine with bursts of acidity that also smells chef’s-kiss divine.

We call Carbonic Sangiovese the perfect pizza wine, but it’s also great for summer BBQs, or pretending you’re at the White Lotus overlooking Mount Etna. Whatever works.

Dry red wine, 0g sugar, 113 calories, 3.5 carbs per 5 oz. serving.

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Terah Bajjalieh holding a can and bottle of Carbonic Sangiovese.

Meet the maker

A native Californian, Terah Bajjalieh found her love of wine by way of food and refined her unique style from her travels across the globe.

She began her career in the hospitality industry by studying at the International Culinary Institute in California. After working in wine bars, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and consulting in the Bay Area, Terah ventured off to Europe, where she got her hands dirty in every part of the winemaking process, and mastered the art of crafting perfectly balanced natural wine.

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