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2021 Cabernet Pfeffer Can with Glass of Red Wine
2021 Cabernet Pfeffer Can with Glass of Red Wine

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Cabernet Pfeffer

Ser Winery, Cienega Valley, CA

Cranberry, pomegranate, and white pepper - an ultra-rare grape from 100-year-old vines crafted by Nicole Walsh at Ser Winery. Nicole's Cabernet Pfeffer was recently profiled by the SF Chronicle – try this very special wine before it sells out (again)!

Dry red wine, 100% Cabernet Pfeffer, 14% ABV, vegan friendly, zero grams of sugar.

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  • Female Winemaker
  • Organic
  • Single Vineyard

Meet the wine

There’s rare and then there’s less-than-10-acres-of-these-obsure-French-grapes-left-planted-in-the-world rare. Cabernet Pfeffer is the latter. Meaning “pepper” in German, Cabernet Pfeffer is a delicate wine known for its red fruit flavors and whispers of white pepper spice. Cab Sauv may be the life of the party, but Cab Pfeffer is the intriguing mystery guest: artfully understated with layers of depth.

The Cabernet Pfeffer was carefully crafted from fruit by Wirz and Enz Vineyards: old-vine, organic, dry-farmed vineyards 25 miles from Monterey Bay.

2021 Vintage - dry red wine - 0g sugar, 120 calories, 3.3 carbs per 5 oz. serving.

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Nicole Walsh of Ser holding a can of Cabernet Pfeffer.

Meet the maker

Nicole is a Santa Cruz surfer making big waves in cool-climate wine, growing super rare grapes in rugged coastal terrain. After working in wine around the world—from Michigan to New Zealand to Santa Cruz—she started her label, Ser, which means “to express origin” in Spanish. Ser specializes in unique single-vine, single-varietal wines that are a pure reflection of where they came from.

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