Many Maker Wine cans laying alongside each other.

Premium wine
any damn time.

Enjoy award-winning wine from the nation's best small producers, in the perfect single-serving pour.

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The perfect size

Each can is ⅓ of a bottle, making it the perfect single-serving pour.

Diverse winemakers

Enjoy wine crafted by female and minority-led wineries.

Award-winning wines

Maker is the highest-rated canned wine ever, with 20+ Gold medals.

Dry, 0g of Sugar

Our wines are dry with 0g of sugar and less than 5 carbs per serving.

Most popular packs

Maker Wine's Best Sellers Mixed Pack with a 6-pack of Pinot Noir, Rose, Sparkling Sauv Blanc
6 cans of wine lined up next to one another

Best Seller

Best Sellers Mixed Pack

They make it. We can it. You drink it.

We work with independent winemakers to bring you their award-winning wines in a can.

The entire Maker Wine team holding cans in a vineyard.

Great wine. Groovy people.

We’re local ladies shining a light on fascinating makers that craft award-winning wines. Each can of wine highlights the story of the small producer who made it.

Meet our makers
Four Maker Wine cans - Sparkling Rosé, Verdelho, Rosé, and Cabernet Pfeffer - with a hand holding one up.

Serious can appeal.

Silky, svelte, and shatter-free, each Maker can measures 250ml or ⅓ of a bottle for the perfect single-serving pour, and drinkable (almost) anywhere.

Tara Gomez and Mireia Taribó of Camins 2 Dreams, holding their Maker Wine cans.

High-end wine. Sans the snobbery.

Maker is the highest rated canned wine, ever. We prioritize minimal intervention, vintage and vineyard-designate wines, that represent time and place.

Maker Makin' News

"Making wines that even master sommeliers would serve."

"Maker is changing the canned wine game."

"Sleek, modern packaging, and some truly tasty wines."

"Best wine subscriptions, based on 40 taste tests."

Meet Our Makers

Talent, tenacity, terroir.

We’re shining a light on diverse makers from up-and-coming regions that craft small production, award-winning wines.

Gianna Fugazi of Wander-Must Wine holding a can and bottle of Verdelho.

Gianna Fugazi

Wander-Must Wines

Exotic grapes. Tiny vineyards. Big ideas. This lifelong explorer crafts worldly wines for the wandering soul.

Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines pouring a can of Sparkling Rosé into a glass.

Chris Christensen

Bodkin Wines

Rule-breaker. Trail-blazer. Master blender. This biracial Iowan winemaker mixes reds and whites into shades of pink.

Nicole Walsh of Ser holding a can of Sparkling Riesling.

Nicole Walsh

Ser Winery

Rare grapes. Rugged terrain. Epic waves. This Santa Cruz surfer just gave cool-climate wine its big break.

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Wine Industry Love for Maker

Quote image: Laura Ness, Wine writer and judge

“The Maker cans are gorgeous, and the wines, well, to this wine judge, are pretty freaking amazing. For one, thing, they are fresh and energetic and don’t taste like they came out of a can. That’s because when you put good stuff in the cans, you get good stuff out."

Laura Ness

Wine judge and writer

Quote Image: Ray Sholes, the Royal Vines

"OMG I love how Maker is changing the way we see canned wine.... it is truly premium wines just in a different container. I now have the ability to take some of my favorite wine anywhere...and much more of it as well (Honey where's my Murse)."

Ray Sholes

Certified Sommelier, @theroyalvines

Quote Image: Cheryl Tiu

"While every Maker wine I've tried has been delicious, the 2018 Cab Sauv from Alexander Valley made me say "wow" outloud. I would have never imagined enjoying such an incredible RED from a can. It's not a surprise it scored 95 points at the NY Int'l Wine Competition."

Cheryl Tiu

Forbes contributor, food journalist

Lisa, owner of @uncorkwithlisa

"If you're on the fence about canned must try Maker! Each wine is crafted by highly skilled winemakers, who make the wines for bottling; the only difference is Maker put the wine into earth-friendly cans! Love the convenience of the can, the "maker's" story on each can and most of all, the wine is truly fabulous. You will discover quality, quality, quality in a can!"

Lisa @uncorkwithlisa

Wine educator, owner

Paige Comrie, owner of @winewithpaige

"The best "serious" canned wine out there! If you're into canned wine because you love the sustainability aspect and the option to open a smaller vessel - THIS is the canned wine for you! It's delicious, bold, and fruity. I personally prefer to pour this one into a glass to enjoy, and it's just the right amount for myself to enjoy on a Tuesday night!"

Paige Comrie

Owner, blogger @winewithpaige

Nicole Ervin, owner @fitwineo

"If you're looking to try canned wine for the first time, or wanting to try a new brand of canned wine, look no further! Each can was delicious both in the can and served in a glass. I have loved these for summer while we have been out by the BBQ, pool, and beach. Or for those nights when I don't want to open a whole bottle of wine, I grab one of these instead."

Nicole Ervin

Trainer, nutritionist, wine-o @fitwineo

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Seriously!!! SO SO good!!!!! I LOVE that it isn’t loaded with sugar! Consider me a forever subscriber!


Verified Buyer

Cheers to the women

Love everything about this new discovery—the taste, the packaging, the stories. Great job ladies!

Dorrit N.

Verified Reviewer

Maker Wine is the best

Maker Wine is the best. Have recommended to all my friends!

Julie G.

Verified Reviewer

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