Meet our fall-favorites – three, juicy reds.

Special offer: Try three of Maker's best-selling reds wines – Pinot Noir, Cabernet Pfeffer, and Zinfandel. Get 15% off these cozy season cans with our intro offer.

Red Wine Mixed Pack - 6 cans stacked

Why Maker

Maker is premium wine with a personal story. We work with fascinating makers from diverse backgrounds to can their award-winning wines and tell their stories. All our wines are dry, with 0g of sugar and less than 5 carbs per serving.

The perfect size

Each can is ⅓ of a bottle, making it the perfect single-serving pour.

Diverse winemakers

Enjoy wine crafted by female and minority-led wineries.

Award-winning wines

Maker is the highest-rated canned wine ever, with 20+ Gold medals.

Dry, 0g of Sugar

Our wines are dry with 0g of sugar and less than 5 carbs per serving.

Press Love for Maker

"If you’re headed to your friend’s party and she’s, ahem, incredibly discerning about wine—Maker is the vino to bring. The women-owned brand works with small wineries to feature varieties you won’t find at your local liquor store."

"Each can has a different industry-insider “maker,” whose names are on the labels. Maker also prioritizes customer connection with a can club, virtual gatherings and one-on-one community building via SMS."

"For Maker, putting the consumer first means promoting high quality. Best of all, the quality is on par with what consumers can expect from the bottles made by those winemakers."

Fall Favorites

Six cans of Maker Wine in front of a blue shipper box.
Six cans of Maker Wine in front of a blue shipper box.
Maker single can of orange vermentino wine

Fall Favorites

Red Wine Mixed Pack

Red Wines

Our top-selling mixed pack all winter long – but these are four-season kind of wines if you ask us. Try our best-selling reds including Pinot Noir, fan-favorite Zinfandel, and members-only Cabernet Pfeffer.

Includes: Zinfandel, Cabernet Pfeffer, Pinot Noir

  • Pinot Noir: 0g sugar, 13% ABV, 121 calories, 3.8 carbs per 5 oz. serving.
  • Cabernet Pfeffer: 0g sugar, 14% ABV, vegan-friendly, 120 calories, 3.3 carbs per 5 oz. serving.
  • Zinfandel: 0g sugar, 16% ABV, vegan-friendly, 150 calories, 3.4 carbs per 5 oz. serving.
  • Crafted by female and minority-led wineries
  • Fermented to dry, no added sugar
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No additives or chemical manipulation

Select quantity:

6 cans (2 bottle equivalent)

Meet the Wines

J Dusi Zinfandel: Can and Glass


J Dusi, Paso Robles, CA

Tasting notes: Dark berries, earth, and spice.

Appellation: Paso Robles, CA

Facts: Female Winemaker, Old-Vine, Dry Farmed, SIP Certified.

Awards: Best of Class, SF Chronicle Wine Competition.

2019 Maker Cabernet Pfeffer by Ser Winery: Can and Glass

Cabernet Pfeffer

Ser Winery, Cienega Valley, CA

2022 Pinot Noir can with wine glass

Pinot Noir

Handley Cellars, Anderson Valley, CA

Tasting notes: Cherry, cranberry, subtle spice

Appellation: Anderson Valley, CA

Facts: Family-owned winery, organically-farmed, estate wine

Awards: Gold medal, 92 pts—Sommelier’s Choice Awards

Other Best-Sellers

Maker Wine's Best Sellers Mixed Pack with a 6-pack of Pinot Noir, Rose, Sparkling Sauv Blanc
Maker Wine's Best Sellers Mixed Pack with 6-pack of Pinot, Rose, Sparkling Sauv Blanc cans

Best Seller

Best Sellers Mixed Pack

Includes: Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé Wine, Pinot Noir

6 cans = 2 bottles

2022 Pinot Noir can with wine glass
Maker 6-pack 2022 Pinot Noir with photo of Lulu

Best Seller

Pinot Noir

Includes: Pinot Noir

6 cans = 2 bottles

maker women owned wine mixed pack
6 maker wine cans lined up on a neutral background.


Week of Women-Owned Wine

Includes: Albariño, Rosé Wine, Pinot Noir, Red Blend, Sparkling Riesling, Orange Vermentino

6 cans = 2 bottles

High-end wine slipped into something more comfortable.

Here’s more about what drives our wine.

Winemaker Terah Bajjalieh of Terah Wine Co holding a bottle and a can of Orange Vermintino.

Premium, bottle-quality

These are high quality wines found in the bottles of the best small producers. Maker wines are vintage, varietal, and often vineyard specific: terroir-driven wines that the winemaker is proud to put their name on.

Winemaker Chris Christensen pouring Sparkling Rosé into a glass in front of wine barrels.

Diverse makers

We partner with diverse, small-batch makers to elevate their underrepresented voices and premium wines.

Nichole Walsh of Ser Winery in the field

Zero Sugar, Low Carb

We prioritize wine producers that use organic and sustainable farming practices. Our wines are fermented to dry, with no residual sugar and under five carbs per serving.

Wine Industry Love for Maker

Quote image: Laura Ness, Wine writer and judge

“The Maker cans are gorgeous, and the wines, well, to this wine judge, are pretty freaking amazing. For one, thing, they are fresh and energetic and don’t taste like they came out of a can. That’s because when you put good stuff in the cans, you get good stuff out."

Laura Ness

Wine judge and writer

Quote Image: Ray Sholes, the Royal Vines

"OMG I love how Maker is changing the way we see canned wine.... it is truly premium wines just in a different container. I now have the ability to take some of my favorite wine anywhere...and much more of it as well (Honey where's my Murse)."

Ray Sholes

Certified Sommelier, @theroyalvines

Quote Image: Cheryl Tiu

"While every Maker wine I've tried has been delicious, the 2018 Cab Sauv from Alexander Valley made me say "wow" outloud. I would have never imagined enjoying such an incredible RED from a can. It's not a surprise it scored 95 points at the NY Int'l Wine Competition."

Cheryl Tiu

Forbes contributor, food journalist

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Seriously!!! SO SO good!!!!! I LOVE that it isn’t loaded with sugar! Consider me a forever subscriber!


Verified Buyer

Cheers to the women

Love everything about this new discovery—the taste, the packaging, the stories. Great job ladies!

Dorrit N.

Verified Reviewer

Maker Wine is the best

Maker Wine is the best. Have recommended to all my friends!

Julie G.

Verified Reviewer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our full FAQ page, or reach out to if you have additional questions about premium canned wine.

Maker is premium canned wine from independent winemakers. We source award-winning wines from the best small producers in California. Each can of wine highlights the story of the small producer who made it, and represents a different maker and region that we love.

We prioritize wine producers from diverse backgrounds that use organic and sustainable farming practices. Our wines are fermented to dry, with zero grams of sugar, and minimal sulfur additions. The wine is not “changed” or “dumbed down” for the can — it is the same award-winning wine you can find in bottles at the makers’ wineries.

Quality: Our wines are vintage (year), varietal (grape type), and often vineyard specific. Wines that represent a time and place that the winemaker is proud to put their name on, not white-labeled bulk juice hidden by a fancy label.

Values: Our winemakers believe in sustainable farming practices and low intervention winemaking. Our wines are dry, with zero grams of sugar and minimal sulfur additions.

Diversity: We partner with diverse, small-batch makers to elevate their underrepresented voices and premium wines.

Little known fact — nearly all dry wines from reputable small producers have little-to-no residual sugar and correspondingly few carbs.

During the winemaking process, the natural sugars in grapes are converted to alcohol. Wines that allow all of the sugars to be completely fermented are known as “dry”.

While mass-produced wines from your grocery store can be secretly loaded with sugars to increase a wine’s “likability”, small-production, low intervention winemakers don’t add sugar or additives to their wine. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming to have invented “clean” wine - they are just re-branding dry wine (likely with worse quality juice).

All of our wines come from different award-winning, small producers in CA and have zero sugar (<0.5 grams) and few carbs (<3 carbs/glass for whites, <5 carbs/glass for reds). So drink the good stuff.

Nearly all dry wines from reputable small producers have little to no residual sugar and correspondingly very low carbs. So yes, Maker is Keto Friendly.

All of our wines come from different award-winning, small producers in CA and have zero sugar and few carbs (<3 carbs/glass for whites, <5 carbs/glass for reds). Check out our Keto Wine Guide if you'd like to learn more.

No! If you've had a crappy can, chances are it was the quality of the wine, not the can itself, that left a bad taste in your mouth.

Modern wine cans don’t transmit an aluminum taste, and have a protective coating or liner. Several blind tastings have been done comparing the same wine from bottles and cans (including our own study), and test groups have not been able to detect a reliable difference between the two formats.

Quality, quality, quality. We’ll say it, most canned wine is ...not good. We have the highest rated canned wine on the market today, with 15 canned wines that have scored 90+ points and counting. The bottle equivalent price of these wines is $20-$50 per bottle, from award-winning small producers that love their craft.

Also, cans are deceptively large! Each 250 ml can is ⅓ of a bottle (almost two full glasses of premium wine).

So while you may feel sticker shock seeing a $10 can of Pinot Noir, a $30 bottle of single-vineyard, Anderson Valley Pinot would probably feel like a great deal. And $10 for two glasses of premium Pinot in a restaurant would be an absolute steal. Because canning is cheaper than bottling and we ship direct-to-consumer without middle-men, we can price our wines at or below the price you’d find these wines in bottles.