Orange Wine (Skin-Contact Vermentino)

  • Female Winemaker

  • Natural Wine

  • Farmed Biodynamically

Winery: Terah Wine Co.

Maker: Terah Bajjalieh

Region: Lodi AVA, CA

Notes: Pineapple, apricot, minerals

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Price per can: $8

Aged: skin-fermented, aged in stainless steel

Residual Sugar (per 5 oz glass): 0.0 g

ABV: 11.0%

pH: 3.7

100% Vermentino

A native Californian, Terah Bajjalieh found her love of wine by way of food and refined her unique style from her travels across the globe.

She began her career in the hospitality industry studying at the International Culinary Institute in California. After working in wine bars, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and consulting in the Bay Area, Terah ventured off to Europe, where she got her hands dirty in every part of the winemaking process, and mastered the art of crafting perfectly balanced natural wine.

Our Orange Vermentino by Terah Bajjalieh of Terah Wine Co. is 100% natural, 100% biodynamic, and 100% orange. Fermenting grapes with the skin on creates the bright terracotta hue, and results in the boost of tannins, texture, weight, and vibrant aromatics. Hello, tropical pineapple. Hello, Pacific coast minerality. Hello, new friend.

Terah, a self-proclaimed foodie, aims to make wines that pair well with all kinds of eats. And this orange stunner—made naturally with minimal intervention in a cooler region of California—does exactly that. Pair it with Thai food, Vietnamese food, roasted chicken or charcuterie. Or feel free to sip this easy-drinker on its own to brighten up any day.





  • 100% Recyclable
  • Doesn’t affect the taste
  • No light exposure or oxidation
  • No “corked” wines
One 250 millileter can of wine is equivalent to a third of a bottle of wine.

The can art is a perfect balance of Terah’s personal style with a Maker spin. The orange shapes arranged playfully around the can really embody the wine inside.

Amazing on its own, but made for food. Pair with Thai food, Vietnamese noodles, dishes with bright herbs like mint and cilantro, and fall salads.

Grapes for the 2021 vintage were farmed biodynamically in Lodi AVA, where a cool Pacific Ocean breeze rolls through creating a cooler climate and adding minerality to the wine. Most of the grapes were fermented whole-cluster with skins and stems on, then the wine was blended with a small portion of pressed, non-skin-contact Vermentino. The wine was aged in stainless steel, not inoculated (native ferment), and kept cool.

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maker orange vermentino can and class of orange wine
Terah Bajjalieh holding bottle of wine and orange wine can

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