Pinot Gris

  • Woman-Owned

  • Vegan Friendly

Winery: Handley Cellars

Maker: Randy Schock (winemaker), Lulu Mclellon (owner)

Region: Anderson Valley AVA, Mendocino County, CA

Vineyard: ⅓ Helluva Vineyard, ⅔ Romani Vineyard

Notes: White nectarine, guava, and lemongrass

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Price per can: $8

Cans Produced: 17,400

Aged: Stainless steel, 130 gallon Oak puncheons, and traditional Oak ovals

Residual Sugar (per 5 oz glass): 0.0 g

Calories (per 5 oz glass): 116

Carbs (per 5 oz glass): 2.6 g

ABV: 13%

pH: 3.37

100% Pinot Gris

Founding winemaker Milla Handley was the first woman in the US to start a wine label with her own name. Now she’s passed the torch to her daughter Lulu, who runs the winery, and head winemaker Randy Schock, who is putting his spin on Handley’s award-winning, environmentally sustainable wines.

Pinot Gris — it’s the same grape as the Italian Pinot Grigio, but with a little French flair. Pinot Gris from the Alsace region of France tends to be fuller-bodied than its Italian counterpart; rich with a little bit of spice. Handley is known for minimal-intervention, food-friendly wines, and particularly for their California spin on Alsation white wines. Head winemaker Randy calls this wine, “Golden Sun Drops” — think peach and apple blossom aromas with notes of guava, stone fruit, and bright acidity.





  • 100% Recyclable
  • Doesn’t affect the taste
  • No light exposure or oxidation
  • No “corked” wines
One 250 millileter can of wine is equivalent to a third of a bottle of wine.

The rolling hills on the can reflect the unique topography of Anderson Valley and the bright tropical flavors of this wine. Viva la matriarchy!

Aged gouda, lemon chicken, or mac and cheese.

Our Pinot Gris blend originates from two vineyards on opposite end of Anderson Valley picked nearly one month apart. One-third of the blend comes from Helluva Vineyard near Boonville. This warmer site was planted in 1998 on a converted apple trellis. This contributes tropical fruit and herbal notes and crisp acidity. The other two-thirds of the blend is from Romani vineyard located in the deep end of the valley behind the winery. This portion provides more typical stone fruit and weight to the blend. Aromas of peaches, apple blossoms, and tarragon. Mouthwatering flavors of guava and lime zest interplay with white nectarine, peach pith, and lemongrass with waxiness and bright acid on the finish.

This wine was fermented in a mix of stainless steel, 130 gallon oak puncheons, and traditional oak ovals. The stainless helps to preserve fruit flavors while the oak allows more lees contact and helps to soften and round out the structure of the wine. Malolactic fermentation was avoided and sterile filtered before bottling to preserve freshness.

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Handley Estate

Handley Cellars, Anderson Valley

“Mouthwatering flavors of guava and lime zest interplay with white nectarine, peach pith, and lemongrass with waxiness and bright acid on the finish.”


Milla Handley of Handley Cellars

Founding Winemaker Milla Handley

Maker + Handley Pinot Gris: Can and Glass

2020 Maker Pinot Gris by Handley Cellars

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